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Sparks Mission Statement!

All we ask is that you are respectful to your fellow members. We are here to develop our flying skills and to have fun.

We take great pride in our flying field and once you visit us, you’ll see why. It’s a blessing we do not take for granted.

Just a friendly group enjoying our hobby and making friends along the way       


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Sparks Items for sale.

Member's can list their items on this platform by creating a craigslist posting of the items we wish to sale. The following is a demonstration on an item Sparks' member Rich, wants to sale. He has sent me the craigslist link of the 182 plane he is selling. I then post on this page of our website only his name and that link, all the details are in that craigslist posting.

It's a win, win for all in that he gets to describe the plane in great detail, show pictures, etc. The club wins in that a potential new member may be the buyer. The club has only a simple craigslist link to post that captures all the seller wants the buyer to know about this item. The club is not liable for the products sold and the seller deal direct with a potential buyer without the club getting involved. All of Rich's desire contact info is in the Craigslist. 


118" Plane for sale. 


Bill came by the field a few days ago and I told him I would send this to everyone.


Info to contact him is in his ad.



Jack Daniel 727-743-9651 has these items for Sale.    3 airplanes

RC airplane Sensei 58" wingspan - $150   sold

RC airplane Visionair 45" wingspan - $150 sold NOW--- $100

RC airplane Carbon-Z Cub...84" wingspan - $300 NOW----$250


Fire Sale!


Paul Jones has this item for Sale.                                                    sold



Rich Gwyn has this item for Sale.                   sold

Ken Elder has this item for Sale.                                           sold

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