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Sparks Mission Statement!

All we ask is that you are respectful to your fellow members. We are here to develop our flying skills and to have fun.

We take great pride in our flying field and once you visit us, you’ll see why. It’s a blessing we do not take for granted.

Just a friendly group enjoying our hobby and making friends along the way       


SPARKS Flight School

                                      SPARKS Flight School Overview

SPARKS shall maintain an electric fixed wing flight school available at no cost to any potential student who agrees to comply with AMA Introductory Pilot Program guidelines.

Students shall be trained in three phases with a demonstration of their proficiency documented by a Flight Instructor. These phases are Ground, Simulator and Field. Students may work with one or more Flight Instructors to complete the program.

A SPARKS Student Pilot status will provided during the training. A SPARKS Solo Certificate and Diploma will be awarded upon successful completion of the program.



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