SPARKS Flight Instructors 

Flight Instructor Availability is indicated on website in color
Red = Unavailable           Green = Available

Flight Instructor Subjects
  • Ground School
  • Simulator Training
  • Field Training

Flight Instructor Specialties
  • Basic Fuel Fixed Wing
  • Advanced Fuel Fixed Wing with Aerobatics
  • Basic Electric Fixed Wing
  • Advanced Electric Fixed Wing with Aerobatics
  • Basic Fuel Rotary Wing
  • Advanced Fuel Rotary Wing with Aerobatics
  • Basic Electric Rotary Wing
  • Advanced Electric Rotary Wing with Aerobatics
  • Basic Electric Multi Rotor
  • Advanced Electric Multi Rotor with Aerobatics
  • Basic Turbine
  • Advanced Turbine with Aerobatics
  • Basic Electric Ducted Fan (EDF)
  • Advanced Electric Ducted Fan with Aerobatics
  • Glider
  • First Person Video (FPV)
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Mark Mitchell_edited.jpg

Mark Mitchell

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Bill Sampson


site visits

More photos coming.

Bob photo.PNG

Bob Shadroui

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Flight Instructors
Red=Unavailable  Green=Available

Jim Coley


Paul Conrad

                 Keefe Huddleston                        

Paul Jones

Henrik Moller


 James Falcon