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Sparks Mission Statement!

All we ask is that you are respectful to your fellow members. We are here to develop our flying skills and to have fun.

We take great pride in our flying field and once you visit us, you’ll see why. It’s a blessing we do not take for granted.

Just a friendly group enjoying our hobby and making friends along the way       


SPARKS Flying Field Boundaries

The SPARKS flying field includes a 450 ft asphalt-covered runway, with
taxiways, nearby pavilion and office building. We are close to Interstate
275, Roosevelt Blvd. and 16th St. and there are perimeter fences bordering

these road sides.

Under no reason or circumstances can your plane go past the fences. If
this rule is violated a one month’s flying penalty is in effect. A second
occurrence of this rule could result in expulsion from Sparks Flying


You are the sole Pilot in Command (PIC) of your plane and are solely
responsible for your plane and all its actions and consequences at all
. Cause and effects (wind, servo failure, signal loss, or whatever) do
not change this. If another member or Flight Instructor is helping you learn

to fly they are not responsible for your plane.

The green boundary line is shown below and flying or crashing between
the green and the red line will result in a one week flying suspension.
Please take others that point out to you that you could be approaching
these boundaries as a “THANK YOU.” We all need to help in keeping all

planes within our boundaries.


Fence boundries oct 1.PNG
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