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SPARKS (South Pinellas Aeronautical Radio Kontrol Society, Inc.) is a club chartered by the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics), the world's largest sport aviation organization, and Pinellas County's largest radio-controlled flying club. AMA chartered (Charter #1070) since the early eighties, and recognized in 2006 as a Gold Leaders Club, SPARKS is a non profit organization which provides a wide range of activities and facilities for the membership.

Since inception, the Club has grown from a handful of radio-control enthusiasts to over 150 members at the present time. Members range in age from 12 years to over 80 years, demonstrating all levels of flying skills. For interested newcomers and novice pilots who want to get their wings, the Club has several instructors available, at no cost, during the week and on weekends.

To contact a Club flight instructor, including instructors certified under the AMA Intro Pilot Program, send email to:, stating your specific interests and the best method to reach you. Alternately, see one of the Club's Officers at the field (best time is weekend mornings).

Visitors are always welcome to join in the fun at the field and to navigate through our web site.

Individuals interested in flying model aircraft are encouraged to visit and join our flying community.

Club mailing address: SPARKS R/C, P.O. Box 20852, St Petersburg; FL 33742

Telephone: 727-828-7196 (must dial the 727 area code)

Send email to:

To all members:  If you feel any symptoms that you think may be related to Covid-19, please stay away from the field until you are sure that you have not been infected. If you test positive for Covid-19, please stay away from the field for at least 10 days after a fever and symptoms have subsided.  As always, we ask that you wear a mask when you are at the field and in close proximity to any members. Being safe and considerate of others is the best practice for the health of all members!

Please adhere to this policy with all gatherings at the SPARKS field for you and any guest that may accompany you! Thank you for helping us all stay healthy and safe from the virus! 

Membership Notice

Membership Renewals and New Membership applications are processed only by mail (no longer at the field office).

Download and print out the Application Form, for detailed instructions and fee schedules.

Printed copies of the Application Form are also available at the field, by the bulleting board.

For details about Membership Renewals or New Membership applications, click here.

If there are any questions related to membership renewals or new membership applications, please send email to: Bob Shadroui (SPARKS Treasurer) or call 727-289-5756.


Note: the protected area of this website is restricted to registered members who can log in and view copies of the Club Newsletters/Meeting Minutes and the master membership list. To access this area, you need to: 1. be a Club member in good standing, 2. create an account on this website as a registered user, and 3. log into the website, with your chosen username and password.

The main menu will now show the additional choices to access these items.

Until February 2019, the Newsletters include the minutes from the previous general meeting. Starting in March 2019, the Meeting Minutes are separate from the Newsletter and only the Minutes are saved in the protected area. The new-format Newsletters are available from the NEWS tab.


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