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Must Join AMA, why?

In order to join Sparks, a member as to join AMA.  AMA cost are $75 if you are 65 or older, otherwise $85. Once you're an AMA member you and your plane will be insured for $2.5 million. This intern will protect Sparks from a members mishap, should that happen.

All members must the covered by AMA insurance protection and that is why you have to provide us with that your AMA member number.

   To join AMA click...      

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Mark Mitchell_edited.jpg

Mark Mitchell

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Bill Sampson


site visits

More photos coming.

Bob photo.PNG

Bob Shadroui

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Tom phot_edited.jpg

Flight Instructors
Red=Unavailable  Green=Available

Jim Coley


Paul Conrad

                 Keefe Huddleston                        

Paul Jones

Henrik Moller


 James Falcon

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